Business Owners

How to get the best from personal and corporate planning

Working with us to create a structured personal and corporate plan which is specific to your circumstances can be a very beneficial way for those with more intricate or complex financial arrangements to safeguard against the future. Here are some of the areas that are generally considered as part of such a planning process:

  • Building of a corporate ownership structure
  • How to use corporate tax paid dollars for investment purposes.
  • Key Employee Retention for Business Owner Ltd.
  • Tax integration for the best personal income tax efficiency

To achieve these objectives, we can support you in the following ways:

  • Listen to, assess and prioritize your personal objectives in relation to transition to retirement and create or review a retirement plan that is appropriate to your situation.
  • Assess your net worth by undertaking a review of your financial circumstances.
  • Suggest strategies to make your tax position the most efficient and economical possible.
  • Review your insurance policies to ensure maximum coverage and cost-effectiveness.
  • Assess your existing corporate structure and make suggestions for improvements as you transition to retirement.
  • Create an investment asset management strategy personalized to your circumstances and own financial goals.

Planning your gradual transition towards retirement

Factors such as the time scale for transitioning your business and financial interests and methods of making the most effective use of your capital gains exemption.

Estate planning

This can involve some of the following important elements:

  • Writing or reviewing existing Wills with guidance around how to integrate them effectively with your financial objectives.
  • Ways in which to transition your wealth, including family, charity and family trusts.
  • The impact of your tax situation on your estate when you die.
  • Deciding upon Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives.