What was your biggest challenge you faced with your finances before working with me?

Our introduction to Brad was through our mortgage broker, he initially educated us on how we could convert our primary mortgage into a tax-deductible mortgage. Over time, Brad has helped us with portfolio allocations and retirement planning. He has been a resource and sounding board with our real estate investment company. As we prepare to become Ex-pats, Brad has been instrumental in coordinating our investments so that they can still be managed while overseas. Brad continues to be central to ensuring our CDN investments, our real estate company and our overseas investments are integrated from risk management and tax standpoints, for our eventual return to Canada.

We have worked with and changed banks, mortgage brokers and lenders, we have changed mutual fund sales people yet through this process Brad has always been a central resource for us and we plan to continue working with him while we are overseas.

What changes or results have you seen after working with me?

Since working with Brad we have been able to pay down a significant portion of our mortgage. He introduced us to some non-traditional investments that have performed very well, despite the economic downturn. Brad provides sound and responsible advice and we feel we have been wise to place our trust in his knowledge and abilities.

What is the most important thing people should know about working with me?

If Brad doesn’t know the answer to your question he won’t pretend he does; he will research options and provide thorough, insightful responses. Brad doesn’t pressure you into making any decisions or taking any action; he will patiently explain and reiterate the information he wants to convey until you understand the concepts and see the benefits of his advice.

From: Jody & Dale Osmond, Devonshire Solutions